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What you can find out of a man giving him your phone number

18 Sep 2007
What you can find out of a man giving him your phone number

Men sometimes are like an open book – just take and read it. The most interesting is that intentions, ingredients of a character and even the complexes of a representative of a sterner sex can be found according to his style of acquainting with the lady. To be more precise, on how and where he puts down your phone number.

So, you got yourself familiar with a man, no matter where: in the library, at the disco or in the street. If you both felt something, then a logical continuation of your acquaintance will be a moment when he would ask your phone number. And probably, at this moment his nature will open to the full. Psychologists - are amazing people who uncovered several regularities in the behavior of the men and identified the main types. But we will tell at once that you shouldn’t fix on this, because in any rule there are exceptions, and often the women themselves design dating situation thus provoking men to certain models of behavior.

A woman should be sharp-sighted, and then she can easily find out for herself what such a contact would turn to be - a passing familiarity or an earthshaking meeting. Here, you finally made up your mind, and He is already putting down your phone number, and now – it’s just a matter of technology, the technology of how he puts down and stores such "important" information.


If a man is writing your phone number on the any old piece of paper (be it a tissue, a newspaper etc.). It means, that this is - a “man of moods”. Grunge attitude, scrupulosity and carefulness are alien to his nature. Vice versa he is rather disorganized, easily makes contacts, which he usually doesn’t value much. Such way of putting down phone numbers will hardly allow him to have a large circle of friends because he simply loses these "notes", and he doesn’t regret this. Perhaps he might be a very gregarious person, and you won’t become bored with him, but on the other hand, it is hardly possible to have long and serious relationship with him.


This is a type of men who attract genuine interest from the softer sex. This man takes out a notebook or a day planner, where he learnedly puts down your phone number. It’s quite within reason to suggest that your friend's life is haste less. It’s likely that this person lives a well scheduled life where all events have their place and time. He is punctual and reliable, although, some ladies may find him a little boring and draggy. Concerning a long-term relationship, this it seems his hobby; he likes to thoroughly know his partner, and never makes conclusions on the first impression.


It is nothing for such man to commit an extravagant act. He asks the pen from you or passers-by, and puts down your number directly on his hand. He easily takes interest in everything and everyone, and he wants everything at a time. He builds up his relations that are usually based on the principle of "nothing is impossible, but if there is something, it is not for me". Men of this type easily get enthusiastic, but as well they quickly decline. They are capable of a striking flirtation, but not capable of a long union. He is likely to singe his feathers in the future caused by the sparks of his colorful nature.


He isn’t lazy about putting down the numbers several times: on the newspaper, on a travel ticket or even on some documents. But most likely, such diligence is his only caliber. This type of man is not capable of taking a final decision even on the first date. Certainly, such poor Pilgarlic can only be felt deeply sorry for him. Nevertheless he is always expecting something more. If you have a desire to continue the relationship with this man, then immediately take up the running.

Formidable Personality

The main feature of this type of men is to make a number of striking impressions over women, after which it is hard to be herself again. Having obtained a cherished phone number from a woman, he immediately buys a notebook, a pen – to put down her number. He likes to be always in the limelight and look in the best light for everybody. As he is too focused on his personality, so he doesn’t bother much about his partner’s feelings. Most of these men are a kind of collectors by their nature, and if your acquaintance will go far beyond the usual, be ready for numerous notebooks purchased for a single phone number.


The man is introducing your phone number in the memory of his mobile phone. This action is rational, modern and, to some extent, secure. That is, if he put down your number, he will call you. It can be assumed that your new friend appreciates reasonable comfort. Most probably, his free time is scheduled to the minutes. But be wary that your relationship has not acquired a virtual character.


This type of men will never put down your phone number. He says that these cherished numbers he will certainly remember. Apparently, the desire to appear original surpasses the opportunity to continue the acquaintance. For such man the process of acquaintance itself is more important than the result. He is rather willing to show off. However, if he really liked the lady, he will definitely remember her number. In a closer relationship these men continue to be original, you will never be bored with him.

Nevertheless, the first date - is always an event. And the result of your relationship in the future depends only on you. Your reasonable observation and woman’s intuition will help you understand the nature of your relationships and the prospect of future relations development. The first, but not the last dates for you; we wish you good luck!

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