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How to take pictures correctly using the mobile phone's camera

04 Sep 2006

Generally, pictures taken by the mobile phones are either too blurred, or dithered, or with a perspective distortion. It is quite easy to explain – camera phones are to a large extent inferior to full digital cameras. Nevertheless, following some of the common rules, compensating camera's shortcomings in-built in your mobile phone, it is possible to achieve some reasonably good results.

Composition of the picture

Pictures made by camera phones are usually taken quickly – telephone owners hastily try to capture something extraordinary. In so doing many of them completely forget about the composition of the picture. One cannot call such approach correct – in any case, pictures are to be shown to someone, therefore we will tell a little about composition. Any photographer will tell you that using the picture as whole – is one of the most important and easiest methods. Many people composing a picture often pay attention only to its center, the place where the object of the picture usually is, the rest of the picture is ignored. It is necessary to pay attention to the background objects too. One more standard rule is – not to place the objects of the picture right in the center of the picture. Placing it a bit aside from the center, you will add “spectrum” almost to any picture.


Illumination of the object of shooting is often far from ideal. Full-sized cameras are equipped with a large amount of toolset for eliminating this problem, but the matter is worse with the camera phones. It is hardly possible to take a good picture under conditions of bad illumination; the reason for it is -- automatic shutter setting. The better illumination of the object is, the better will be the picture you are taking.

Take into account that even if the camera in-built in you phone is equipped with a flash light, such a flash light works badly - the taken objects should be situated at the distance of 60-90 cm from camera. For reference – digital cameras of the average price brackets have the power of flash light enough to shoot objects placed at 3-4,5 m from the camera.

If the image on the display of your phone seems too dark or too light, try to correct its brightness before the beginning of the shooting. The difference on the screen display –used for previewing the picture – will be especially seen when shooting the objects colored high colors.

In restrained terms, the fault of a bad picture will be not the deficiency of illumination, but the light itself. In such cases setting of the white balance will help. Skilled photographers to achieve this use white or gray cards or just pieces of paper. Not every telephone owner (where it is essentially possible) will have enough time for the process of correcting the balance at the variation of illumination, especially if the picture has to be taken quickly; this is why, the white balance, as a rule is set at the automatic mode.

The white balance is usually corrected by doing the following:

  • while shooting direct the camera to the white piece of paper;
  • evaluate, to what extent the paper is white on the display (the piece of paper may seem, for example, yellowish);
  • set the white balance so as the paper seemed “peak white”, as close as possible to what you associate with the word “white”.

Before taking a picture by a camera phone it is advantageous to pay attention to the position of the basic source of light.

If it is placed back of the object which you are going to take, you will get the object too dark, if the light is bright, then on the picture you will see only the shadow-figure of the taken object. Having chosen correctly the exposure mode of the digital camera you can escape such effect, but you can not do it even on the camera phone with the in-built flash light, this is why the basic source of light must be at your back while taking a picture.


The object of your shooting shouldn't be situated far from you. The matter is that the absolute majority of the camera phones use optics with permanent and small focal distance. It means that focusing depth on the pictures will be small. If the object of the shooting is situated far away from the camera, then it will get too small on the picture.

The object of the shooting should be situated as close as possible to the camera, preferably not far then 60-90 cm from it.


Finally the last one. Manufacturers of the cameras for the telephones as well as manufacturers of full-sized digital cameras like to set forth the ability of the camera to enlarge the image. But if optics of the compact cameras of consumer segment are apt at least for any optical zooming (visual enlargement of the taken object by means of camera lens), so taking pictures be camera phone you only deal with a digital zoom.

Do not use zoom when taking pictures by the camera phone.

Many people vainly try to take by means of zoom objects which are situated far away – the case is that using the digital zoom deteriorates the picture. Moreover, sometimes you can use it but only having reduced the resolution of the picture, i.e. the picture you will obtain as a result.

VIA : CELLAZ - cell phone news
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senior_playa 04-09-2006
Interesting information, thanx
Grooder 04-09-2006
oh wonderful, good article, I'll show it to my friends
Grooder 04-09-2006
oh wonderful, good article, I'll show it to my friends
Grooder 04-09-2006
oh wonderful, good article, I'll show it to my friends

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