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FCC approved HTC Excalibur

22 Aug 2006
FCC approved HTC Excalibur

The featured packed HTC Excalibur has been approved by the FCC (ID NM8EXCA). The handset is being positioned to compete with the Motorola Q, but since it's GSM the competition will be limited until Motorola introduces new variants of the Q.

Features of the HTC Excalibur include:

  • Quadband GSM
  • QVGA screen
  • WiFi/Bluetooth
  • Windows Mobile Smartphone OS
  • Unique touch-sensitive scroll pad on side

No carrier deals for the Excalibur have been announced, but there have been rumors pointing to both Cingular and T-Mobile.

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Motorola to release RAZR tattoos

22 Aug 2006
Motorola to release RAZR tattoos

Motorola isn't done accessorizing the RAZR--the company will soon start shipping laser-etched (AKA tattooed) RAZR handsets. The artwork was designed by Ami James, best known from the TV show Miami Ink.

Motorola first got the idea for tattoos after the pink RAZR outsold all expectations. Since that time several other colors have shipped, but the pink model continues to sell well. There should be several tattoo designs, but the design shown at right is the only one that has been shown off.

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AT&T and Yahoo Announce Digital Photo-Sharing Service

19 Aug 2006

AT&T and Yahoo today launched an upgrade of their photo service. The new version is geared toward making it easier for subscribers to share photos over PCs and mobile devices.

AT&T Yahoo Photos will include features such as photo-tagging and online "playlists" of photos that automatically recognize and add tagged photos to online albums.

According to InfoTrends, the total number of online photo service users is expected to grow from 55 million in 2004 to 83 million in 2009.

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3G Palm Treo to be announced next month

19 Aug 2006

Palm is finally preparing to launch its next Treo smartphone, with the official launch scheduled for September 12th. A palm spokeswoman noted the announcement would be in the UK so this is likely the 3G Treo we first mentioned in June.
A European targeted Treo is needed badly since the company had to discontinue sales of the 650 after electronics environmental law passed.

[Continue reading 3G Palm Treo to be announced next month]

Qualcomm to bring MediaFLO to Japan in 2008

19 Aug 2006

Qualcomm wants to launch MediaFLO in Japan as soon as 2008. MediaFLO is a multi-cast mobile TV standard that offers 20 channels of QVGA video. While mobile TV is already a reality in Japan, Qualcomm thinks the added features of MediaFLO will adapt nicely to the market. Many phones in Japan can tap into terrestrial digital TV signals, but MediaFLO will bring more DVR like functionality.

Since April Japanese broadcasters have been broadcasting mobile specific content, but there is no way to record the video.

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Rumors On HTC Excalibur

19 Aug 2006
Rumors On HTC Excalibur

Clear pictures and details today confirm earlier rumors about HTC's Excalibur, another QWERTY Windows Mobile Smartphone. The Excalibur, like the Q, will run the Smartphone OS with landscape QVGA screen and a QWERTY keyboard in a slim form factor. However the Excalibur will be a quad-band GSM/EDGE phone with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Like the Q, the Excalibur also features side navigation for one handed use, only instead of a jog dial, it possesses an innovative touch sensitive scroll pad with home and back keys.

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Nokia Opens Flagship Store in Helsinki

19 Aug 2006
Nokia Opens Flagship Store in Helsinki

Nokia will open a flagship store in Helsinki on Saturday after opening similar stores in Moscow, Chicago and Hong Kong since 2005.

The Nokia Flagship Store in Helsinki showcases a wide portfolio of Nokia products and services, including the exclusive Nokia Vertu phones available for the first time in Finland. At the store, consumers will be able to set up their new devices, review service provider options and test the range of mobile enhancements related to their new phone.

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Sprint To Rein In Boost

17 Aug 2006

Sprint COO Len Lauer said that the carrier will make changes to halt the growth of its youth-focused MVNO Boost. Boost is outpacing Sprint growth, and is getting large enough that it will soon put a strain on Sprint's iDEN network.

The iDEN network is already under pressure because Sprint was asked to give up a portion of its iDEN spectrum to the FCC in order to create clear public safety bands.

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Verizone Wireless Assists Domestic Violence Victims

16 Aug 2006

Verizon Wireless HopeLine Program Gives Students of All Ages an Easy Way to Recycle Old Wireless Phones and Support Domestic Violence Prevention Programs

BASKING RIDGE, NJ Now that the back to school shopping frenzy has begun, students who plan to include a new wireless phone on this year's shopping list don't have to worry about what to do with their old wireless phones.

[Continue reading Verizone Wireless Assists Domestic Violence Victims]

Verizon Wireless takes lead in AWS auction

16 Aug 2006

The advanced wireless spectrum auction is heating up and Verizon Wireless is starting to show its size. At the end of 14 rounds Verizon Wireless is the top bidder for the top six spectrum licenses. The price tag for that air is currently $3.5 billion, but the auction is far from over and prices are still rising rapidly.

T-Mobile lead the pack in the first round but has fallen behind since.

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