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LG VX-8500 Chocolate Review

25 Oct 2006

LG VX-8500 Chocolate Configuration:

  • Phone;
  • Accumulator;
  • Instruction;
  • CD with the software for synchronizing the phonebook, and using the phone as the modem and information content;
  • USB-cable;
  • Portable battery charger;
  • Chamois handbag;
  • Earphones;
  • Remote with 3.5 mm connector, buttons for operating the player and microphone;
  • Two protective films for the phones faceplate;
  • Bluetooth-fitting (optionally);
  • Breloque, at the reverse side of which there is foam rubber for wiping the phone.


Everything is packed in a beautiful black box, tactual sensations from which are as if from a textile fabric.

When taking a phone you pay attention to the silver rectangle with rounded angles as this is the only thing which outstands from the faceplate. There is an aclinal slot with the black grid for the dynamics above the display, at the top.

The phone is switched on by pressing the sidelong button on the right. This is the first time it is used a separate button to switch on/off the phone in LG phones. If you switch the phone on even without opening it, then switching it off, for safetys sake, is possible only when the phone is disclosed. It is done expressly not to switch the phone off accidentally in the pocket.

First the display is flashed with the information about the site wowlg, and then comes on the highlighting of the navigation block; it is of the wine-dark color. 30 seconds after switching on, the phone is completely ready for work. There is a Multimedia (MP3, camera, video camera) menu button next to the button of switching on. At the top there is a new type of the interface jack covered by a plastic module stub, the place where the USB-cable, detachable connector of the battery charger and stereo are plugged in. The company consciously went the length of using the one jack. First, it doesnt overload the phone and lets use effectively a saved place, secondly this time you dont have to snarl in connectors. Thirdly, in all follow-on beginning with the average price band till the most expensive ones will be used namely such interface connector, that will give an option of unifying accessories especially battery chargers and earphones.

Exactly at the same place, but on the other side (on the left), there is another paired button. It is responsible for unlocking the phone (the upper one or the lower) by double click. Besides, it helps to browse the menu and settle the volume of sound during conversation, sleep mode or to regulate the volume of sound of the ring tone.

There is absolutely nothing at the end surface of the phone, which is due to the use of the new type of the interface connector.

Dorsum of the phone is absolutely even and is deprived of any meet the eye things except the accumulator, which is immediately adjacent to the case; it doesnt have any side play.

Slightly pushing the upper part you will see that the phone smoothly opens up to the stop with a brassy click. The same click you will hear when closing the phone. When opening the backlight of the display and soft keys block are flashed. The wallpapers for the display are specially selected in black and red colors.

Initially there were installed only six images in the phone. All of them fit harmoniously into the general style of the Black Label and the design of the Chocolate Phone. The diagonal line of the display is 5 centimeters (2 inches, 3140 mm), which lets it not to seem small or vice versa big. The screen is able to display 262 thousands of colors and is completely identical to those which are installed in the latest LG models released, so that in its turn tells about good and clear image and good viewing angle.

Numeric keys are tightly jointed to each other but it doesnt preclude from comfortable work with them. Every key tops are bowed and have diverse surface finish and that is why they are very like a chess board.

Backside of the sliding part has an outstanding camera block. It is possible to see a camera lens, a mirror and photodiode flashing on this block. On closer view you can notice that the slider differs from the same in LG M6100 and must less ball up with the dust, that becomes a serious problem when opening/closing a phone.


That is all about the styling of the Chocolate Phone, but for the silver band around all the surface of the phone and soft keys.

Mode of operation of soft keys

Considering that mechanical parts whether it is of a phone, recorder or any other equipment tend to go unserviceable, engineers proceeded otherwise and for the first time decided to use soft keys in their image phones.

Why are they so good?


First - it is the exterior. Chocolate Phone is hard to imagine with the common buttons.

Second there arent any movable parts, that doesnt lead to any damage or balling up of the buttons with dust - a thing which always happens to ordinary buttons and later on affects the telephone work.

Third a space saving, as far as it isnt necessary to use a plane, rubber strips etc.

Likewise the use of the soft keys made it possible not to worry about the accidentally pressed buttons in the pocket, the thing that sometimes happens if carrying phones in the tight-fitting clothes. Locking the phone can be set up thus the phone wont respond to any keys when closed including swing key on the left. Keyboard is locked immediately after closing the phone, and can be unlocked by two means: by opening the phone or by double clicking the side key. It means that you can work with the phone when it is closed.

Sensors come into action by light touching. Operating speed of the soft keys is subjectively higher then of usual, but this time you will have to spend an hour or two to become disaccustomed from pressing buttons in a usual manner.


The phones software component is common to the latest LG models. The phone menu consists of 9 animated images.

Phone book is rated at 1000 names. For each name there are 40 symbols, regardless of the language to input, 4 phone numbers (mobile, office phone, home, fax), a field for e-mail, a group (one of the seven, it is possible to change title) and a picture (7272 pixels). Search in the phonebook is possible as in Latinic alphabet as well as in Cyrillic alphabet. Number of characters in the field search is limited by the maximum length of the name. Traditionally for some of the LG models there is an answering machine in the phone. There are already three installed answering modes and two user-defined to which it is possible to make a record by oneself. Turn on time of the answering machine is 3, 5 or 10 seconds.

People who are used to communicate a lot by means of messages will definitely like its maximum point 150 SMS, 100 MMS and 110 of e-Mails. Maximum size of MMS-message is 100 , of e-mail is 100 at sending and 300 when loading. In text messages it is possible to change the font color, its style, size and alignment. The phone lets save any attachments, received by e-mail. Besides, you can send files of any extension from phones multimedia memory.

Phones player reproduces: MP3, AAC, AAC+, AAC++, WMA audio-payer, 3GP, MP4 videoplayer. Also the phone is able to work with TXT-files. Utility for reading TXT-files gives a possibility to change a language for one of the 7 possible or to choose its autodetection.

Music playback quality in the nominal earphones is a bit higher then average. Volume of sound of the polyphonic melodies (MIDI, MMF) is above average. Volume of sound of MP3-, WMA-files depends on the selected melody. As far as there is one speaker in the phone, so the ring tone melody, player melody and interlocutors voice are reproduced through it. Vibro-ring works together with the melody, aside of its format. Preset settings of the equalizer allow to choose between Classic, Jazzy, Pop, Rock, Bass and Basic playback. Videoplayer plays video only in portrait mode and can rewind video forward and backward. Both players cant work in the background mode.

Settings, the last one from the menu options, give the possibility to set data, time, display, its brightness and backlight time, economy mode (the backlight of the keyboard is on and brightness decreases), menu style, visual display of the network name, greeting note, as well as fonts while dialing a number. Here also are settings of Connection Bluetooth 1.2, Modem, Network and GPRS. Setting of the Answering mode is in the sixth subparagraph. You can choose out of the three possible variants to answer the phone. First one is by opening the slider, second by means of any key (also only after opening the phone), the third one only by pressing the key Call (similarly to the previous one). It is not possible to answer the phone while it is closed by three reasons: for the purpose of avoidance of the accidental picking up the receiver, when the phone is in the pocket or in a case; when opened the speaker and the microphone are always at the level of the ear and mouth accordingly; for image purpose. Touchpad is locked during the conversation while the slider is either opened or closed this is why accidental pressing is excluded. Customers only are to decide whether it is a disadvantage or not.

The phone has several Security settings. PIN-code enquiry and phone blocking when switching on or changing the SIM-card. Calls barring on all outgoing, international, international-outgoing, all incoming calls and all incoming while roaming. To permit dialing only to certain numbers, to change Security code (0000).


The thing industrial manufacturer places stake on really succeeded, at least I havent met anyone who was left indifferent to the phone styling. But the other manufacturers are also up-and-doing. Its nearest business rival is Samsung E900. The phone gains in functionality, it also has several soft keys to operate the player, but it has the exterior as any other latest Samsung phones.

LG VX-8500 Chocolate Full Specs

Phone specifications

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se_lover 25-10-2006
thanks for review, guys
se_lover 25-10-2006
thanks for review, guys

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