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Bluetooth in the ear, hands on the wheel. Is it really so comfortable and safe?

11 Jul 2007
Bluetooth in the ear, hands on the wheel. Is it really so comfortable and safe?

For a long time a headset for different mobile devices was “attached” to the phone by means of a “cord”. Thus it caused some difficulties when talking over the phone while going in for sport, working or driving...
At the very beginning of the XXI century there appeared an opportunity to get rid of these ever meddling cords – the new wireless technology Bluetooth was created. For mobile communication this was marked by the fact that it was no more necessary to hold a handset, instead handy headsets made it possible to walk off a signal source up to 10 meters and more.

Bluetooth was the first universal wireless technology for telecommunication that used radiowaves of a short range and that  replaced a wire for connection between mobile devices.
This new technology got its name after the Danish king of the Vikings of the X century Harold II nicknamed Bluetooth, he was famed for collecting Danish acres as well as unification of Denmark and Norway.  Thus, it seems likely that Bluetooth technology was developed to unite both telecommunication and computer areas, and even probably the entire world of mobile electronics.

Bluetooth technology enables to connect practically any devices that are in close vicinity to one another: mobile phones, notebooks, printers, digital cameras, etc.

Bluetooth technology has quickly sprung into immediate popularity with cellphone users. Apparently, this fact was contributed greatly by the comparatively low cost of wireless units, small-size, and not least important, easy compatibility and usability with different devices of any brand and type.  
Another significant “breakthrough” in the area of mobile technology was marked by the handsfree system using Bluetooth technology.

Handsfree means that in case you are busy doing something, for example driving a car, it’s rather difficult to accept the mobile phone call or to dial a number. Thus, namely then phone headset assembly and loudspeaking telephone system come handy, which makes it possible to talk over the phone not holding the phone next to the ear. The phone itself will find Bluetooth-handsfree device and connect with it.

When the phone rings stationary handsfree will provide loudspeaking communication, i.e.  it gives an option of talking into the microphone (that can be placed in any place handy for you) and to hear the response from the loudspeaker, i.e. external speaker systems or an additional speaker in a car. In case you’d like nobody to listen to your conversation, it’s just enough to put on the headphones. During this time the phone is placed in the holder and is charged via the cigar lighter.

Some handsfree systems give the possibility to automatically deafen the volume of the music sound in a car when the phone rings or when you are dialing a number, as well they provide voice system, the possibility to connect to an external antenna, to tap an additional stationary receiver and enable to use headlights or horn as a means to indicate the call, in case you left your phone in the car while you went out.

There are also such handsfree systems that constitute a stem with a dynamic loudspeaker attached to the cigar lighter. The microphone, as a rule, is attached to the dashboard. Indeed, such system is easier to install, you just keep still the dashboard and door covering, however, in this case, don’t expect much from the communication quality. Sure enough, such systems lack such additional functions as muting, sound and light notification system, etc.
Handsfree car kit may have various configurations, for instance, a phone holder, phone headset assembly, charger, accumulator, microphone, speaker, remote handset, external antenna and other components. 
It’s possible to talk endlessly about the essentiality of handsfree while driving, in this case, you are not only completely safe, but you, as well, enjoy to the utmost your conversation by means of a wireless technology.
Furthermore, lately Bluetooth made it possible to listen to the music via your mobile phone, laptop or stereo wired headsets. Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP) technology enables to output the sound from the phone to a car stereo system or headphones.

When the phone rings the music stops and the user decides whether to accept the call or to continue to listen to the music, simultaneously keeping under control the surrounding.
The headphones themselves connect with A2DP device that give the possibility to set up the level of sound in the headphones, although providing high quality level of sounding.

At present time, Jabra Company is a world leader in manufacturing Bluetooth headsets. It is Jabra who was one of the first wireless stereophonic suites providing the comfort of wireless communication combined with the utmost pleasure of preferred music. According to the social researches stereo Bluetooth headset Jabra bt620s A2DP-enabled was declared the best latest thing of 2006. 

Although, Ericsson Company was the initiator of creation of the wireless technology, currently there are a huge number of companies who produce and develop Bluetooth suites, and their number is constantly growing. The range of available models is shooting up. There are endless possibilities for inventors which they make use of, the weight is becoming lower, the size is getting smaller, operate time is increasing. 
Besides, manufacturers are constantly enlarging the range of functional possibilities of such devices. Many models successfully make use of built-in processors that helps with the noise reduction in the street and increases the speech clarity.  Plantronics Company is the one who successfully uses these solutions. 

Sure enough, technology adoption happened not as was desired, thus Bluetooth-handsfree has even some opponents. Prime consideration against handsfree was the fact that the driver is abstracted from the process of driving by the conversation itself (i.e. he/she doesn’t hold the receiver in the hand, but nevertheless, his/her attention from the road is called off). Thus, handsfree car kit provides illusive feeling of safety. Well, be very careful while driving in any case, and never forget  that You are a driver.

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