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Nokia 8800 Sirocco Edition Review: first impressions

28 Oct 2006

Sales package :

  • Phone
  • Two Accumulators Li-Pol BP-6X 700 mAh
  • Charging device AC-3
  • Bluetooth- headset BH-801
  • Wire Headset HS-15
  • Deck Stand for the Charging device and accumulator DT-16
  • Leather Case CP-104
  • Cleaning Cloth
  • Software CD
  • Instruction

At first sight the design of the model didn't undergo any significant modifications, the thumb rest beneath the screen got deeper, initially it was designed to rest the thumb and to slide the handset open. Now it has got only the practical role, however it is like a signature of Sirocco Edition, and in some way provides the lights to sparkle on the metal , showing its plays. The case is still made of stainless steel.

The shape of the thumb rest under the screen has changed, now it is only a curve a little overhanging the surface of the display. The finger is hardly to slip and touch the screen as it could easily happen with Nokia 8800. The grill of the main loudspeaker is designed more ascetic.

The manufacturer initially anticipated two solutions for Nokia 8800 SE, the phones are available in black and steel colors.

The dimension of the phone almost hasn't changed a lot, thickness of the case is 1mm (107 45 17.5 ). Taking into the consideration that Nokia is always extremely honest concerning the dimensions and states phone's maximum thickness, we'll get an average thickness of about 16 mm, that is similarly to the previous model. The weight has also increased by 4 grams, and it's 138 grams.


Keypad: As we can see Nokia 8800 SE buttons cover less space. They were designed sloped and dimensional to make their use more comfortable. The lower row is not always comfortable to use as you can occasionally touch the slider's edge, but on the whole everything is rather thoughtfully done.

The work of the slide mechanism hasn't undergone any visible modifications; the cover is easy to slide back and forth.

The navigation key is nicely executed, but it lacks ergonomics and it is inferior to that of the similar key of Nokia 8800. Keys for picking up and hanging are made as large metallic plates, it is an unusual solution although is rather pleasant one. Highlighting of the keypad is white it is clearly seen under different circumstances.

The screen fells heir from Nokia 8800, without any changes. It is a TFT-matrix with the resolution of 208 208 pixels at physical dimension of 31 31mm. The number of reflected colors is up to 262000. The small size of the screen makes the picture very smooth and pleasant. For the product of such size the screen is perfect and it doesn't have countertypes in this segment. By the way, namely the size of the screen didn't allow making the keypad more comfortable. The screen can hold up to five lines of the text and two service lines. There is a possibility to change the fonts, using the biggest font the number of the lines can decline to 4, legibility of the font is slightly increasing. The tiniest font holds up to 6 lines. The screen is also legible at the sun, but the tiny fonts can be hardly seen. The modification of the size font, its reduction became a necessity on account of the high resolution. The good quality of the pictures taken by the in-built camera is achieved by means of specification of the display, however the colors are faded especially in comparison with pre-installed images.

Volume of bundled memory has been expanded to 128 Mb (the user can initially access about 105 Mb), being a sharp advantage, in comparison with 47.5 Mb, available in Nokia 8800. Lack of the memory card looks like an anachronism, apparently the manufacturer left this option for the next model of the family, which is going to appear at the stores in the middle of the year 2007.

Expanded memory volume doesn't mean a free life, you won't be able to use the phone as an MP3-player , the manufacturer did it on purpose. Its idea is quite simple: if you want some music then aim at the special device such as, Nokia N91. Also, radio still remains to work in mono-mode, sound cannot be transferred to a Bluetooth-headset while listening to radio . There is support of A2DP-profile for Bluetooth, but it was left as that of Nokia 8800, Nokia 6233. Thing you can find on the handset are lack of the remote player control (the sound volume only), rather average quality of the sounding, much resembling the mono. We can only state that fact, that this product isn't positioned like a musical device, moreover, the manufacturer himself strives to limit his product use by those people who seeks for functional and youth solutions. It is a clever marketing plan, pointed at the segmenting of the audience, finding the right customer, who in their turn make an additional image to the product giving others the motivation to purchase one.

Lack of the important music option doesn't mean that the designers of this model completely forgot it, it is not so. The tunes for this model were written by Brian Eno, founder of a whole new trend in music (ambient). The melodies sound pleasantly and matches well to the style of the phone. A good tradition for flagship solutions is becoming a trend of using exclusive themes as it was for Nokia 8800. For the previous model the most of the tunes were created by the Japanese composer Ryuichi Sakamoto.

Impressions :

The cost of this model consists 1000 Euro , and it will stay the same for thelong period of time. The unit is going to be the first one of the 1000 Euro and higher range , Nokia strives to come to the number of 2000 Euro and to release in mass in a year or two such models. A good idea is to invest your money in Nokia 8800 SE the model is going to remain a prestigious device for a long period of time.

On the basis of the market situation, we can expect the next renewal of the Nokia 8800 SE about next summer. The main features in this device will become: stereo-out, support for memory cards, updated software version (FP1 or 2 S40 for third edition). The same as a year earlier Nokia 8800 in many aspects was a copy of Nokia 6230i, today Nokia 8800 SE is a copy of Nokia 6233. Similarly, the apparition of the flagship among S40 devices will provoke the launch of the next image device. Many will wonder a question, what features would be cut down in the new model as compared to its brother-in-arms coming from the 6000 series?. In my opinion the answer is quite evident: the necessity of WiFi in this image device is very few, as a result this technology won't be present.

Does it worth changing Nokia 8800 of the previous editions to Sirocco Edition? Visually the differences are not too obvious, as well as price differences are not too significant. The previous models of this device kept its attractive image, they hasn't dropped in price, as a result they carry out their role at full. Why then to change these phones on the new ones?

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